Alexander Pucher
Software Engineer
Pinot/ThirdEye monitoring platform

Fascination for complexity in distributed computer systems arising from large scale and diverse environments. Dedicated to hacking life and exploring the four corners of the world.

Software Engineer, LinkedIn
Data Infrastructure
Since 2017 I’m working with the Pinot/ThirdEye team to develop LinkedIn’s next-generation monitoring and anomaly detection platform. I’m part of a larger team working under the supervision of Kishore Gopalakrishna and Ravi Aringunram.

Graduate Student (PhD), University of California Santa Barbara (2011-2016)
Department of Computer Science, MAYHEM lab and RACELab
From 2011 until graduation in 2016 I was a PhD student in Computer Science at University of California, Santa Barbara. I worked on modeling and optimization of cloud infrastructure under the supervision of Prof. Rich Wolski and Prof. Chandra Krintz. Before this, I was part of the Distributed Systems Lab working under the supervision of Prof. Divyakant Agrawal and Prof. Amr El Abbadi on multi-tenant database systems.

Engineering Intern, LinkedIn (2013)
Distributed Data Systems
During Summer 2013 I worked for LinkedIn‘s Distributed Data Systems group. I developed a proof-of-concept prototype for cluster auto-scaling with Apache Helix and Apache YARN. See the LinkedIn Engineering blog for details.

Research Intern, NEC Laboratories America Cupertino (2012)
Department of Data Management
For Summer 2012 I joined NEC Laboratories America as member of the Data Management Department working on load balancing for multi-tenant database systems.

Visiting Researcher, University of California San Diego (2010)
Department of Computer Science, Systems and Networking group
In 2010, I also joined University of California San Diego as Guest Researcher working in the Systems and Networking group with Prof. Amin Vahdat on large-scale parallel data processing.

Graduate Student (Masters), Vienna University of Technology (2009-2010)
Department of Informatics, Information & Software Engineering group
I earned the Master’s degree (Diplom-Ingenieur) in Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology, working in the Information & Software Engineering group under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Biffl. While preparing for the PhD program to follow, I worked with the openengsb.org development team.

Undergraduate, Vienna University of Technology (2005-2009)
Department of Informatics