My research interest is complexity in distributed computer systems arising from large scale and diverse environments. I specialize in cloud computing technologies and workload federation, which evolved from an interest in distributed databases and parallel data processing. Here’s a selection of publications and academic contributions.


Validated Simulation for Cloud Scheduler Engineering (Extended Abstract)
A. Pucher, R. Wolski, C. Krintz
UCSB Graduate Student Workshop on Computing (GSWC), 2016.

Providing Lifetime Service-Level-Agreements for Cloud Spot Instances
A. Pucher, R. Wolski, C. Krintz
International Conference on Grid & Cloud Computing and Applications (GCA), 2015.

[Best Paper Award]
Using Trustworthy Simulation to Engineer Cloud Schedulers
A. Pucher, E. Gul, C. Krintz, and R. Wolski
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), 2015.

Using Syntactic and Semantic Similarity of Web APIs to Estimate Porting Effort
H. Jayathilaka, A. Pucher, C. Krintz, and R. Wolski
International Journal of Services Computing (IJSC), 2014.

Cloud Platform Support for API Governance
C. Krintz, H. Jayathilaka, S. Dimopoulos, A. Pucher, R. Wolski, and T. Bultan
IC2E Workshop on the Future of PaaS, 2014.

Characterizing Tenant Behavior for Placement and Crisis Mitigation in Multi-Tenant DBMSs
A. J. Elmore, S. Das, A. Pucher, D. Agrawal, A. El Abbadi, and X. Yan
ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, 2013.

Low-Latency Multi-Datacenter Databases Using Replicated Commit
H. Mahmoud, F. Nawab, A. Pucher, D. Agrawal, and A. El Abbadi
International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), 2013.

Masters Thesis: Resource Efficiency in TritonSort (link on request)
A. Pucher
EPILOG TU Vienna, 2011.

[SortBenchmark World Record 2011]
TritonSort: A Balanced Large-Scale Sorting System
A. Rasmussen, G. Porter, M. Conley, H. Madhyastha, R. Mysore, A. Pucher, and A. Vahdat
USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), 2011.

Tech Reports

Detecting Android Malware on Network Level (2011)
D. Iland, A. Pucher, and T. Schäuble

TritonSort (2010)
A. Rasmussen, G. Porter, M. Conley, H. Madhyastha, R. Mysore, A. Pucher, and A. Vahdat


Multitenant Database Placement with a Cost Based Query Scheduler
Inventors: Ziyang Liu, Vahit Hakan Hacigumus, Alexander Pucher
(NEC Laboratories USA)